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2011 Asian X-Games Highlights

Here are the highlight clips from 2011 Asian X-Games. The above is Jeremiah Smith’s run, who got gold on street and in the read more section you’ll find Brian Kachinsky’s, Dakota Roche’s who were 2nd and 3rd and Zack Warden’s who won the Mini-Mega Ramps and Vince Byorn’s, Chad Kagy’s who got 2nd and 3rd. All videos are courtesy of ESPN. Seen on RideBMX.

Brian Kachinsky – 2nd, Street

Dakota Roche – 3rd, Street

Zack Warden – 1st, Mini-Mega Ramp

Vince Byorn – 2nd, Mini-Mega Ramp

Chad Kagy – 3rd, Mini-Mega Ramp



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