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2011 SKNY Jam Wroclaw, Poland

My friend an roommate Uros Rojc is currently staying in Poland. He was so kind to send me a quick report with a bunch of photos from 2011 SKNY Jam that went down this past Saturday, July 9th in Wroclaw, Poland. Read more to get the review and photos, looks like fun times. Also be sure to check Uros Rojc’s site and all his work.

“This Saturday July 9th a SKNY Jam took place in Wroclaw, Poland. I had the privilege to group up with AveBMX crew from Warsaw (Piotr “Skorek” Skorupka, Michal “Jalo” Jalowski, Sebastian Pfeil, Michal “Sep” Sepkowski, Lukasz “Piro” Pluta, Piotr “Boy” Wyszynski). On Saturday we hit the sk8 park, which was just behind the corner from where we were staying warming up. After that we went to the street spot where the jam took place. There were about 70 riders and the experience was really amazing. The competitions were: longest jump, highs bunny hop, two best ledge tricks and best rail trick. One of AveBMX crew members Michal “Sep” Sepkowski win three prizes. I had to ask him if he can send me the names of the tricks because they were just to long for me to remember (FEEBLE TO HANG 5 TO WHIPLASH, ROCKET MANUAL TO BARSPIN TO ROCKET MANUAL TO TAILWHIP, HANG 5 ON LEDGE TO HANG5 OFF LEDGE TO WHIPLASH TO ELBOW HANG 5 TO WHIPLASH BACK). The riders were shredding street like there was no tomorrow. After the jam we went back home for a little chill out and prepare for massive after party which ended in the early morning hours =)”Uros Rojc



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