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2011 Vans Rebeljam – Park Qualifying Highlights + Results

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For all you who missed the park qualifying, here are the highlights from Ride UK featuring Hannu Cools, Chunky, Paul Ryan, Alex Valentino, Brett Banasiewicz, Daniel Panafiel, Daniel Tünte, Matt Priest, Sergio Layos, Bas Keep, Mike Miller and more. Check the first 24 riders who will be in the finals after the jump.

1. Harry Main
2. Brett Banasiewicz
3. Mark Webb
4. Ben Hennon
5. Daniel Sandoval
6. Daniel Pena?el
7. Gary Young
8. Sebastian Keep
9. Pat Cassey
10. Tobias Wicke
11. Daniel Wedemeijer
12. Ondra Slez
13. Alessandro Barbero
14. Daniel Tünte
15. Sergio Layos
16. Anthony McGuik
17. Ondra Havlicek
18. Paul Ryan
19. Mike Miller
20. Markus Reuss
21. Daniel Juchatz
22. Matt Priest
23. Wilhelm van Gansen
24. Ash Murphy



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