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2012 Baltic Games Report + Photos

Here is look at what was happening at the 2012 Baltic Games that took place this past weekend in Gdansk, Poland through the lens of Mateusz “Usz” Kanownik’s camera, who was there with the rest of the AVE BMX crew. They sure had a lot of fun at their booth, did some riding at the outdoor training park and team riders also hitting the amazing indoor skatepark.
After the jump check out a few photos from the contest and words from my friend Uros Rojc.

“This year’s Baltic Games took place indoor in Ergo Arena, Gdansk. On the day of finals the arena was full of extreme sports enthusiasts, who could see crazy stunts from in-line, skate and BMX guys.
I was traveling again with Ave BMX team so i will write about BMX only.
Let me first congratulate our team rider Lukasz “Piro” Pluta, who was the only one street rider in the finals. He puled over 50-50 to over hard 180 out, tooth pick down the biggest rail, 50-50 up the rail to hard 360,… pffff he was just killing the street section. He is getting more technical with every passing day. Seeing a street rider among all the flying riders in the finals was also something different.
This year’s Baltic Games were in spirit of flairs, super high transfers and Scott Hamlin doing a backflip in a green bug costume. Harry Main was pulling flairs like I’m pulling my cell phone out of my pocket and he was the only one who puled the flair on the quarter pipe so high that he had enough speed to clear the big jump box with a 720. Greg Illingworth is a flying man. He was blasting out of the quarter pipes so high, not to mention crazy transfer over a handrail out of the park onto a small mini ramp witch was located behind the skatepark.
My favorite rider this year was Kevin Peraza. This guy is smiling all the time while doing downside tailwhips, super high superman seatgrab not to mention flair whips. He was celebrating his birthday on the day of finals and he received a bottle of Vodka and a blow up doll from Catfish. There was a point when all the arena was singing happy birthday to Kevin in Polish.
This year’s winer was Drew Bezanson. His lines were just something else. Transfer flairs, tailwhip from the highest place of the skatepark into a small quarter pipe below and like that wasn’t enough he went up there again and attempted a 360 bar out of it and was so close to landing it.
Overall riders killed it, it was the first time for Brian Kachinsky to jump on a tramp bike (in his life) and we all had a great time. See you next year on Baltic.”
– Uros Rojc



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