2012 NORA Cup Nominees

On September 20th, 16th annual Ride BMX NORA Cup awards is going down and today Ride announced top five nominees in each of the seven categories. Read more to find out who is nominated.

Number One Ramp Rider:
Brett Banasiewicz
Drew Bezanson
Scotty Cranmer
Tom Dugan
Dennis Enarson

Number One Dirt Jumper:
Mike “Hucker” Clark
Chris Doyle
Brian Foster
Clint Reynolds
Ben Wallace

Number One Flatlander:
Matthias Dandois
Viki Gomez
Alex Jumelin
Dominik Nekolny
Yohei Uchino

Number One Street Rider:
Chad Kerley
Ty Morrow
Garrett Reynolds
Dakota Roche
Nathan Williams

Number One Racer:
Connor Fields
David Herman
Barry Nobles
Maris Strombergs
Sam Willoughby

Best Video Part:
Mike Aitken – Killjoy
Tom Dugan – Empire’s Bad Idea
Aaron Ross – Empire’s Bad Idea
Chad Kerley – The Hunt
Dave Thompson – Killjoy

Video Of The Year:
Bad Idea (Empire)
Killjoy (Shawn “Elf” Walters & Jordan Utley)
The Hunt (Justin Kosman)
Skavenger (Skavenger)
Any Which Way (BSD)



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