2012 Rebeljam Park Qualifying Results

The park qualifying at 2012 Rebeljam in Tossa De Mar, Spain are over. We saw some really crazy riding from all of the competitors, but I think the double backflip no-hander was the one trick that definitely stood out. 24 riders came to the finals, that are going down tomorrow, where there will be a jam format of 6 groups per 4 riders.
We got the qualifiers for you after the jump.

24. Declan Brooks
23. Alessando Barbero
22. Kevin Kalkoff
21. Ondra Slez
20. Jack Clark
19. Jason Phelan
18. Daniel Panafiel
17. Todd Meyn
16. Rob Darden
15. Vince Byron
14. Andres Lainevol
13. Tobias Wicke
12. Jack Watts
11. AJ Anaya
10. Maxime Charveron
9. Kevin Peraza
8. Michael Beran
7. Gary Young
6. Mark Webb
5. Sebastian Keep
4. Harry Main
3. Andy Buckworth
2. Daniel Sandoval
1. Ben Hennon



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