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2012 Texas Toast Jam Street By ESPN

“This past weekend’s street/ramp comp at the 2012 Texas Toast Jam in Austin, Texas was a huge highlight of the weekend. It was extremely refreshing to see the diversity of riding styles throughout the entire contest including the finals. And it’s safe to say that the judges had no easy task, with over 70 riders competing for a spot in the finals.
The course was not your typical street or park course. With the help of Ryan Corrigan and crew, in addition to select members of a few brands creating dedicated ramps, the course was unique and diverse. And because of the amount of entries, Texas Toast split qualifying over a two day period. The majority of this video was pulled together from qualifying runs. With over four hours of qualifying this video is meant only to give you a little insight into the diversity and level of riding that is possible within Texas Toast.”
– Aaron Nardi, ESPN



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