2013 ACT Jam

Guys over at Back Bone are stoked to tell you that the ACT Jam is back for 2013 and will go down over the easter long weekend from March 28th till 31st.
“Yes, after 8 years hiatus & a little CPR from some kickass brands & sponsors, the prolific ACT jam is back! For those who are old enough to remember, the ACT jam was a series of jams on the Easter long weekend in Canberra.. dudes from everywhere around Aus showed up, big names like Ryan Guettler & Luke Fink, underground legends like Phil Johnston & Canberra shredders like Rusty hesh dogg Brindley scored the cover of 2020 with holes in his soles back when it was only 6 issues in.
If you are looking for a bunch of fun over the Easter long weekend, then make your way to one or hopefully all of the jams. Money/prizes is up for grabs at each park but the fun of riding with a new crew is free.
Those that have a Freestyle BMX membership are covered for insurance (which for $33 a year is a pretty sweet deal) & those that don’t have it, ride at your own risk.”



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