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2013 Extreme Thing Official Video + Results

Ricardo Laguna just sent over the official video from the 2013 Extreme Thing event that recently went down in Las Vegas. Riders went wild, 25k crowd went wild, there was a party going on all the time, great riding, massive jumps, what you want more? Enjoy.
Results and more video stuff after the jump.

“If you would have told me in 2004 that I was about to begin hosting 10 years of BMX dirt comps, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. From the feedback I received for the 10th annual Ricardo Laguna Dirt Challenge, it was a bigger and better contest than any over the past 10 years. As for Extreme Thing now on its 18th year, we had a huge turn out, great bands and the best weather we could have asked for. This year we had a solid lineup of riders from all over the world plus a mix of heavy hitters and great up-and-comers. Some of the runs I saw couldn’t have even been done in video games.

One new addition to this year’s Ricardo Laguna Dirt Challenge was the High Air Jump that brought me back to the King of Dirt days. When I was working on building this with the Clark County Heavy Equipment team, they couldn’t believe I set up an 18 foot pole on top of an 8 foot lip because they didn’t believe a BMX bike could go that high. The 2 winners – TJ Ellis & Austin Winters ended up maxing out the high bar and splitting the winnings.


1- Colton Satterfield 93.66
2- AJ Anaya AKA the Anayalater 93 (won tie breaker highest lowest score 92.33)
3- Alex Landeros 93 (tie breaker highest lowest score 91.33)
4- TJ Ellis 93 (tie breaker highest lowest score 89.33)
5- Kevin Peraza 92.66
6- Pat “Big Daddy AKA God” Laughlin 92
7- Ryan Guettler 91.33
8- Ben Voyles 91
9- Dustin Grice 90.33
10- Santiago Munoz 90


1- Colton Satterfield 95
2- TJ Ellis 93.66
3- AJ Anaya AKA the Anayalater 93.33
4- Ryan Guettler 93
5- Ben Voyles 92.66
6- Pat “Big Daddy AKA God” Laughlin 92.33 (won tie breaker highest lowest score 92)
7- Alex Landeros 92.33 (tie breaker highest lowest score 91)
8- Kevin Peraza 92 (won tie breaker highest lowest score 90)
9- Santiago Munoz 92 (tie breaker highest lowest score 88.33)
10- Dustin Grice 91.66

11- David Peraza 90.66 (won tie breaker highest lowest score 88)
12- Ross Lanier 90.66 (tie breaker highest lowest score 87.66)
13- Jason Lopez 89.33
14- Nick Tarrant 88.33
15- Mat Olson 87.66
16- Casey Joyce AKA Slayer 86.66
17- Mark Rubio 86.33
18- Jared Eberwein 85.66
19- Austin Winters 85.33
20- Ben Snowden 85 (won tie breaker highest lowest score 82)
21- Jesse Reyes 85 (tie breaker highest lowest score 80.33)
22- Ben Perri 84.66
23- Zachary Scirone 84
24- Jimmy Hale 83.66 (won tie breaker highest lowest score 80.66)
25- Robbie DeCelle 83.66 (tie breaker highest lowest score 79)
26- Kurtis Downs 82.66 (won tie breaker highest lowest score 78.66)
27- Reuban Barlow 82.66 (tie breaker highest lowest score 60)
28- Todd Cagle 80.66
29- Sam Stebila 79.33
30- Justin Zicari 78.33 (won tie breaker highest lowest score 77)
31- Victor Peraza 78.33 (tie breaker highest lowest score 75.33)
32- Tanner Foytik 78
33- Jordan Bouch 76
34- Nick Esno 74
35- Joseph Girard 73
36- Colin Joyce 72
37- Jarrod Lewis 69.66
38- Dylan Morris 63.33
39- Kody Pollock 55

Extreme Thing 2013 was such a huge success, Las Vegas, Clark County Parks & Recreation, the riders and all the attendees can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2014! For more info and photos, visit”
Watch the live web stream from YouTube:




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