2013 FISE Montpellier Results

Finale BMX Flat Pro – FR – FISE World… by fise
The 2013 FISE Montpellier even is over. Everyone who was watching the live stream saw how much amazing stuff went down during the mini ramp, flatland (if you missed the finals, watch them above) and park contests, but all you who didn’t, wait a few more hours and I am sure the first video highlights will drop.
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Pro Park:
1. Logan Martin
2. Daniel Sandoval
3. Kevin Peraza
4. Maxime Charveron
5. Todd Meyn
6. Ryan Taylor
7. Declan Brooks
8. Chris Courtenay
9. Alessandro Barbero
10. Dean Cueson

Amateur Park:
1. Maxime Degardin
2. Quentin Bourdoiseau
3. Timothe Bringer
4. Thibaut Panaville
5. Maxime Bringer

Amateur Mini Ramp:
1. temperan Eber
2. Maxime Degardin
3. Quentin Bourdoiseau
4. Thomas Alecon
5. Clement Calley

1. Viki Gomez
2. Matthias Dandois
3. Alexandre Jumelin
4. Jean Francois Boulianne
– Keelan Phillios
– Jean William Prevost

For full results list, make your way over to the FISE web site.



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