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2013 Fly Bikes Complete Bikes

2013 Fly Bikes complete bikes are here and so are the promo edits for the Electron, Neutro and Proton complete (you can find all three after the jump).
“After the success of the 2012’s, we’ve worked extremely hard and improved the entire complete bike line top to bottom. All bikes come loaded with Flybikes own Trebol parts pack including double wall rims, featuring a similar construction to the proven Piramide rim. The new bulletproof 4mm thick 4130 Chromoly sprocket featuring the same design as our aluminum Pentagono sprocket. With the direction of modern day BMX riding and an almost entire team of brakeless riders, we’re offering the Neutron and Proton models with removable brake mounts for that cleaner and modern day look. (These bikes do include a non-assembled U-brake, cable and brake lever for countries where customs may require them). The Electron model comes equipped with an aftermarket Flybikes Manual brake and lever installed for an incomparable brake set up. Another great feature for 2013 Proton line is the new larger Dos 20 seat.
While still being a great option for the smaller rider, we’ve increased the Electron size slightly from 19.6″ to 20.2″. And finally, after lots of great feedback we’re now offering both RHD (Right hand drive) and LHD (Left hand drive) options of each model bike so you can choose depending on which side you grind. For convenience, the cranks have sprocket bosses on both arms so you can change the sprocket side.”

2013 Fly Bikes Electron complete bike.

2013 Fly Bikes Neutron complete bike.

2013 Fly Bikes Proton complete bike.



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