2013 NORA Cup Top 5 Nominees

A little more than a week away, on Sunday, October 22nd at the Emo’s in Austin, Texas, and we will have the 2013 NORA Cup winner, but until then, click read more and check out the list of top five riders in each category Ride BMX threw together.

Reader’s Choice:
Alex Kennedy
Chad Kerley
Garrett Reynolds
Kevin Peraza
Stevie Churchill

#1 Ramp Rider
Chase Hawk
Daniel Sandoval
Dennis Enarson
Drew Bezanson
Pat Casey

#1 Dirt Rider
Brian Foster
Chris Doyle
Mark MUlville
Mike Clark
TJ Ellis

#1 Street Rider
Alex Kennedy
Chad Kerley
Dakota Roche
Garrett Reynolds
Ty Morrow

Best Video Part
Alex Kennedy – Talk Is Cheap
Brian Foster – BF-It
Dakota Roche – Talk Is Cheap
Garrett Reynolds – Deadline
Hoang Tran – Get Used To It

Video of the Year
BF-it – Fit Bike Co.
Deadline – Deadline
Get Used To It – Subrosa
Talk Is Cheap – Cult
Squash It – Kink Bike Co.

#1 Flatlander
Alex Jumelin
Dominik Nekolny
Matthias Dandois
Viki Gomez
Yohei Uchino

#1 Racer
Barry Nobles
Connor Fields
Sam Willoughby



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