2013 Red Bull Dirt Conquers Results

If you saw the photos of the Red Bull Dirt Conquers course, you saw that it was one sick course. Some of the best riders came to shred, compete and throw down moves, most of us only dream about. I hope the highlights will be dropping soon, but in the mean time here are the final results.
1. Ryan Nyquist
2. AJ Anaya
3. Leandro Moreira
4. Rob Darden
5. Maxime Charveron
6. Corey Bohan
7. Ryan Guettler
8. Sergio Layos
9. Ben Wallace
10. Victor Salazar
11. Anthony Napolita
12. Michael Beran
Best trick: Mike “Hucker” Clark – Hang 5 up the hill
Best line: Rob Darden
Invite: Ryan Guettler



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