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2013 Ride To Glory – Team Trailers

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Oh look, this is a nice surprise. Ride UK will start with voting for your favorite 2013 Ride To Glory video on August 12th, but today they are releasing the team trailers. You can watch United’s above and Fox’s, Stay Strong’s, Vans’ and Premium’s below.

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More BMX Videos

More BMX Videos

More BMX Videos
United: Dan Boiski, Luke Peeters, Tom Sanders, Jimmy Rushmore and Nathan Williams
Fox: Matt Priest, Lima, Leo Forte, Greg Illingworth and Russell Barone.
Stay Strong: Ben Wallace, Anthony Watkinson, Bob Manchester, Jordan Aleppo and Dan Bob.
Vans: Vince Mayne, Phil Aller, Pete Sawyer, Alex Donnachie and Gary Young.
Premium: Jordan Waters, Chris “Mole” Smith, Bran McNicol, Leigh “Sketch” James and Connor Lodes.



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