2013 Texas Toast Jam Final Results

The 2013 Texas Toast Jam event, that went down this past weekend is now over and here are the final results you were all waiting for. Check below to see who won the street and dirt contests and stay tuned for video highlights.

Pro dirt:
1. Chris Childs
2. Dennis Enarson
3. Mike “Hucker” Clark
4. Ryan Nyquist
5. Mark Mulville
6. Clint Reynolds
7. TJ Ellis
8. Brandon Dosch
9. Chris Doyle
10. Leandro Moreira

Po street
1. Dennis Enarson
2. Gary Young
3. Trey Jones
4. Stevie Churchill
5. Kevin Peraza
6. Simone Barraco
7. Broc Raiford
8. Chris Childs
9. Justin Spriet
10. Van Homan



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