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20Twenty BMX – Matt Roe In Malaga

Always when I see name Matt Roe in the title of a web video, I can not wait to press that play button to start watching all those stylish moves he will pull. Matt Roe’s new year started pretty busy. He already spent a week in sunny Malaga, Spain with Richard Forne, escaping the cold English weather, to produce an edit around all those wild spots that city is offering for his sponsor 20Twenty BMX store. They had the best guide ever, yep we are talking about Ruben Alcantara and they filmed some really amazing riding. The new tire slides that Mat Roe started doing look really sick and really fun. Do not wait guys, but hit play button right now and enjoy in all the riding that went down in this a little less than two minutes long edit.
By the way, if you haven’t seen that blue Mutiny machine of Matt’s go check it now.



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