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Aaron Nardi Reel

Above are four minutes of footage from Aaron Nardi’s projects that he was working on over the past year, from BMX clips (featuring Kevin Porter, Gabe Brooks, Ben Hucke and more), to MX, boxing, female models and some other stuff. It looks like he had a very busy year.

“The past year or so of my work/life in about 4mins. This reel includes work for ESPN, Jim Beam, Effen Vodka, Pucker Vodka, Hennessy, Nexon, EVS Sports, Quintin, Crooks & Castles, The Beer Market, No Days Off, and a few random clients. I’m grateful to spend my time working with good friends on projects I like. Thanks to all the good collaborations with Glenn PP Milligan, Steve Burton, Huy Doan, Shannon Slack, Blake Regal, Luis Reyes, Doug Metzel.”



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