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Aaron Smith Kink “Off The Clock” Ad

Kink will be doing print ads in a slightly different way for 2013, or at some point in a way not related to BMX at all. To kick things off, they released the first print ad in the series of “Off The Clock” ads featuring Aaron Smith and also a behind the scenes video to show you who ad was shot. This is cool.

“Whether we are traveling, designing new products, or working on our apparel line, we are always trying to think outside the box. Bringing something new to the scene, the industry, and the media is something we take pride in, and work hard to do. When it came time to evaluate our ads and come up with some new ideas we knew it had to be something fresh; something that strayed from the predictable cheeky product placements and in your face website URLs and fax numbers. Instead, we wanted to portray a barebones, and somewhat abstract set of ads. Ads that not only appeal to everyone, but are also visually striking, intriguing and insightful. We accomplished all of this by simply giving you a glimpse into our riders as regular people, what they do off their bikes, as normal everyday dudes trying to enjoy their hobbies and the finer things in life, far away from injuries, clip counts, contracts, layovers, drama and the pressures of riding a little kids bike for a living. We hope you enjoy a glance into who these guys are off their bikes, and have as much fun finding out more about them as we did.”



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