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Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham – The Story

Aaron Fotheringham aka Wheelz can be inspiration and motivation for most of the world, especially at this exact moment. Wheelz is an adopted kid born on a wheelchair, but he is living the life to the fullest ever since. He never stops and his thinking “they’re just wheels stuck to my but, how can they not be fun?” is probably one of the best. Yep Wheelz is the guy you see pulling double backflips at Nitro Circus shows and hand planting those massive big air quarter pipes. Unit and Allan Hardy put together this video to give you a little more about Aaron and you know you don’t wanna miss it.
This past weekend I was in Osijek, Croatia at the Pannonian Challenge and when I saw a guy come to the skatepark in a wheelchair, dropping of the biggest banks, jumping and having fun and I didn’t actually believe my eyes. This was probably the best moment of the event.



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