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Abandoned But Not Forgoten

abandoned but not forgotten from Dmitri Shushuyev on Vimeo.

“A few things are abandoned in this world but they are not forgotten. This of course does not apply to everything there is, but it’s a point in my life where it has happened for good. However, with this video am trying to show that not all things are forgotten…
A few days back, I’ve been on a video shoot with Essence Pictures in some abandoned factory buildings at the docks. They gave me their 5D to film Eki and Karl. However, Karl had a flat tire and Eki’s chain snapped. Luckily for us we were told to go down there again and take more shots.
It was a banger sesh without a doubt. Eki pulled insane bag of tricks out. Birgsy and Sophia chilled with us there as well.
Am truly grateful to be filming, because I love it, and to have such amazing friends, with whom I love to be with and share the good times.
Hope you will enjoy this video…”
– Dimitri Shushuyev.



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