About us

We are mellonBMX, the first, rider-owned, online BMX contest  web page.

Our goal at mellonBMX is to help riders around the world to win and earn good prizes by doing what they like the most, riding kids bikes.

Visit mellonBMX BLOG and read what riders around the world are up to. See them in action, read about general news and much more.

Each and every month we will have different contests that are FREE to join:

-Best trick contest (each month a different single trick,  15 seconds length limit)

-Best flat contest (each month a different trick, that can be put in to a line, 20 seconds length limit)

-Best video contest (each month a few tricks put together in an no-longer than 45 seconds video + at least 3 tricks)

-Best photo contest (read below to get more info)

Please stick to video length limits. Videos that exceed this limit (see above for limit for each category) will NOT be published.

At the start of the month we will announce all contests and tell you what you need to shoot to get listed. Each rider can only win in one contest, but can compete in all (you can shoot videos for all contests). The only limitation is one video per member per specific contest. Maximum amount of prizes each rider can win is four (4) per year. With this limitation we would like to achieve variety of riders and videos that can win the prizes and to keep fairness at maximum possible level.

After announcing contests you will have time untill the last day in a month (exact date will be announced when date of contest is known) to shoot and send your video. Videos need to be uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo (link to video is submited with application form). Please be aware that we only accept videos uploaded to Youtube and Vimeo, videos that are uploaded elsewhere will NOT be accepted. We need to pre-check all videos. They will be published when the contest starts (all videos will be published at the same time).

After videos are published you can watch and rate them. This is the crucial part of the competition. Video with highest average rating will win the contest in each category. You can vote for you favourites until the 15th of the month.

To keep things fair all videos will be on the same page in a random order. We use random sorting algorithm to keep things fair to all competitors.

Everyone can join and vote so be sure to ask your friends to vote for you. Please note that only 1 vote per visitor is allowed. After the contest ends we will announce all  winners  (only your name, location and video will be used) and send them money within one week (using paypal or bank transfer, paypal is prefered).

If there is more than one winner, the prize will be split between all winners. If there is less then 5 competitors in a certain category competition will be canceled and submitted videos will transfer into next month’s competition.

New competition will already be taking place (gathering submissions) so don’t forget to visit us again first of the month to see new amazing videos of riders around the world.

For all you guys we will also have a best photo contest that will be announced during the time when you can submit a video. Exact date of the competition will be randomly chosen and announced sometime in the month and will last somewhere from between 48 hours to 1 week(7 days).

We will pay out money prizes within one week via Paypal, since we consider it to be the most secure money transfer available. In case you do not own a Paypal account we will transfer the money via bank transfer (please note that this can take up to two weeks). Material rewards will be send over regular mail within two weeks.

Videos need to be your own work. If we receive complaints about copyright infringment we will investigate the matter and take according actions. By submitting your video you affirm that video is your work and you take full responsibility for any copyright violation.

Video content is solely your responsibility. MellonBMX takes no responsibility for contents of your videos.

Please note that this is an amateur contest and it’s intention is to promote amateur riders. We encourage proffesional BMX riders to not upload videos and give opportunity to amateurs all around the world to fairly battle for best video awards.