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Inside Agenda’s New BMX Zone

“Towards the end of last week, the Agenda Tradeshow descended on Long Beach, Calif., and this year, things went a little different than usual, with BMX being introduced into the fold. To get things started, Agenda invited four brands and asked them to introduce new collaborative efforts. Cult teamed up with Vans, Shadow/Subrosa teamed up with Rebel 8, SE went with Starter and issued a 29″ PK Ripper, and Animal’s Tom Grunwald (who forgot his name when introducing himself) walked us through the custom 10Deep/Animal/Skavenger build.
Right now, I am wearing a pair of jeans from Target and a Russian Circles t-shirt, so the above video might as well be a different language, but it is unique to see BMX influence subtly make its way into non-BMX areas”
– Brian Tunney, ESPN.



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