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Albe’s – Jamie Chalmers “No Whips! No Glory!”

Jamie Chalmers is a busy guy and don’t have much time to ride his bike, but when he does he sure is productive. He filmed this new Albe’s edit mostly around some local skateparks and street spots of Michigan. There is a mix of everything in here, skatepark, street and trails riding.
“I work a lot of hours and don’t get to ride my bike as much as I’d like but when I do the only thing that matters at the end of the day is that I had fun! My goal in BMX I guess you could say is to travel, meet new people and have fun riding my bike much as possible. To me it doesn’t matter if its park, street or trails. So far it been a great ride all thanks to Albe’s! You guys have been great and my family.
As for this edit goes I didn’t get much traveling done out side of the Detroit this past summer so this edit is mostly filmed I’m michingan at the local skate parks and street spots except a few clips. It’s just riding and having fun with friends.”
– Jamie Chalmers



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