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Alex Raban Caliwumpus Section

“I think we all know that Alex shreds his bike, but sometimes I feel like people don’t know really how good he is. The things I have seen him do not even filming sometimes don’t make sense to me. For example the feeble bar spin in this part on the square rail. He fired it out without even mentioning filming. If it wasn’t for Alex there is a good chance I would have never made a vide, and if I tried I doubt it ever would have happened. When I would fuck something up, he would try to tell me without telling me… Alex is a shredder and a great human being. Its a quality that isn’t often found in people anymore and I am very happy that I can call Alex a friend. I have a lot of thanks to give him for all the help he did on this project. Thanks my friend, your the man!”– Brandon Eckles.



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