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Alli Sports – 2012 Recap

The year 2012 was big in the world of BMX and Alli Sports is now here for all of us to review some of their most interesting stories. This new episode of “Inside Alli Sports includes the Stephen Murray story, showing you how he feels about the accident and how hard he works ever day for past 5, now 6, years since the crash, the long road to recovery from Brett Banasiewicz who also crashed really badly last year at the LXVI Invitational, five times NORA Cup street rider of the year and five times X Games winner Garrett Reynolds and last, one of the most progressive riders out there, Chad Kerley. It is wild seeing at one side guys like Stephen and Brett working really hard each and every single day to get back and guys like Garrett and Chad who are riding constantly and progressing like crazy. Alli Sport and Catfish, as show’s host, did a really awesome job with this video recap. It is Sunday today and if it is snowing outside like it is here, this is a really good watch, even if you already watched all those videos. Show some support, press play button and enjoy.



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