The Allure of Boards

Skateboards, longboards, surf boards, snowboards, snow skis, water skis all have something in common – a board on which the rider stands. Mankind has long been enamored of boards for transportation across something other than good old terra firma. Residents of snowbound countries discovered early on that boards strapped to one’s feet made negotiating the drifts of powder fun as well as necessary. People soon adapted boards to allow them to ride waves of water. Surfers who didn’t want to give up their boards just because they were back on land soon customized long surfboards into land boards, or longboard skateboards. Why walk when you could ride?

Skateboards evolved from a mode of transportation into intricate trick riding in parks and over the stairs, railing and concrete structures of a community. Short, lightweight boards with technologically advanced trucks and wheels allow riders to execute tricks that early riders couldn’t even imagine. There’s no variation in the shape and style of a skateboard deck. The trucks and wheels dictate the terrain for any particular board.

It’s when a rider leaves the skate park for the open road that the board becomes a longboard cruiser sporting several lengths, shapes and styles. Cruising long distances demands a board that has flex for comfort and gaining momentum, length for stability and medium-sized wheels useful for maneuvering over the lumps and bumps of a road. A longboard cruiser takes the daily commute from expensive and time consuming to a green, open road adventure.

Some boarders weren’t content with simply riding their boards as transportation. Denizens of hilly terrain soon realized a stiffer and longer deck would grant them the stability they craved while carving steep grades. Freestylers wanted a shorter, more maneuverable board with harder wheels for sliding and slaloming.

Longboard skateboards can do it all depending on the length, style and composition. They are elegant modes of transportation that provide the excitement and exercise that get lost behind the wheel of a car. The magic of boarding will continue long into the future. The early surfers had it right – why walk or drive when you can ride? Find great longboard cruisers here.



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