Andrew White – New Wethepeople Team Manager

Chester Blacksmith will be no longer Wethepeople’s team manager, he decided to go all in as being a WTP pro rider. His seat will be now replaced by Andrew White.
“As many of you know the role of Team Manager for the WETHEPEOPLE Pro and Flow team has been left in the safe yet dangerous hands of Chester Blacksmith. For many years now Chet has done an incredible job and taken the team on many wild adventures through Europe, North and South America. Chester explained to me recently how it was time for him to pass on the baton and concentrate fully on being a pro rider for WETHEPEOPLE. I for one understand fully, it’s not always easy trying to juggle both of these responsibilities and if you ride anything like Chester then you might have some understanding about how sometimes these two responsibilities can clash.
This decision, he felt was a difficult one but what made it a lot easier was that he would be able to pass that baton on to Andrew White, a friend and someone he felt could do a great job. Andrew has been a friend of mine personally since we started working together on éclat projects and after spending time with him in different parts of the world on trips, I have complete faith in him as someone who can take care of and grow the current roster of riders and keep on the identity and ethos of this incredible brand secure.
We are happy and excited to welcome Andrew into the family and as we slowly come up on the start of another year we are looking forward to everything that’s to come.”
– Paul Robinson, WTP



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