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Animal X Basebkny – Get It Together Video Flyer

“Here is a little recap of past contests at Mullaly Skate Park in the Bronx. New York’ s first public skatepark. Home to some of the best contests held in New York. Over the last few years the City of New York has forgotten about this park and until now the park had a couple of pre fad ramps from 10 years ago. We got Animal, Group Home Bikes,,Base Brooklyn, Dah Shop,The Port Jefferson Bike Doctor, Post, 50/50 Skatepark, Citizen’s Committee for New York City, Groove Street Bicycles, AM:PM, Super BMX and a bunch of riders to rebuild the park. In honor of Mullaly and past jams, we put together the “GET IT TOGETHER JAM” to bring BMX back to the Bronx. Don’t miss it JUNE 23rd.!!! Get Sum!!!”Base Brooklyn



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