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Animal “What’s Good With” Jeff Kocsis

Animal caught up with Jeff Kocsis about the stuff he’s been up lately, his two trips to Austin, his last Animal edit, his future planes and more.

Now this really is crazy:
“This is crazy. We were staying at Josh Stricker’s house. It was raining one day, and Vinnie and I just took a walk to the store around the middle of the day. We were walking through this alleyway and we saw a bum sleeping on a mattress; it was pouring rain out. We didn’t think anything of it; we just thought he was cracked out. We were walking back, and he’s still in the same spot. We almost couldn’t believe he didn’t get up from it raining so hard. A few hours go by, and Bob comes walking in after getting a cup of coffee from the store and he says that there tons of cops, barricades, caution tape all around the alleyway. He talked to one of the cops and he said the guy on the mattress actually had been dead for the last seven hours. Vinnie and me just look at each other; we couldn’t believe on top of everything, we saw a dead body. We were just shaking our heads. Once we loosened up, it was the topic of conversation.”– Jeff.



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