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Anthem II – Trails Declassified

Click on the above photo to get the video.

“After not touching the Anthem II hard drives for over a year, i have cranked them back up to release the “declassified” series of unseen Anthem II footage, These edits are comprised of second angles and clips that didn’t make the cut for the DVD.
Expect to see almost a dozen edits over the next few months. We will be releasing one edit each week on a different website, so be on the lookout for those.
First up, we have a collection of unseen trail footage that was filmed all over the world. Anthem has teamed up with Exclusive BMX to bring you this footage. Exclusive will be donating a portion of their add revenue to the Catty Woods insurance fund, so the more you watch this edit, the more you help Catty Woods to survive.”
– Stew Johnson.



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