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Anthony Perrin Welcome To Vans EMEA Team

Vans started flowing French street assassin Anthony Perrin back in 2012 and they knew from the beginning that this kid will progress and will make a name in the industry for himself. He sure did and over the years we saw plenty of incredible stuff from Anthony and now they are welcoming him to the EMEA team. From now on Anthony Perrin will be part of Vans’ European team and this his is official introduction. His welcome to the team edit is just as amazing as any other of his web videos. Super technical and super smooth with a really amazing style of riding. Anthony is killing is so freaking hard and I always get stoked when a new web edit from him drops on the world wide web. Kid is just good and he never disappoints. watch out for this kid in the future. I am sure we will be seeing a lot more madness from him. Hit play now and enjoy this beauty.

anthony perrin



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