Apps for BMX riders

Best Apps for BMX riders

There are many valuable things to note when maintaining your bike to keep it in full working order, and to allow you to perform at the optimal level. Gone are the days of perusing bulky manuals. Now, we use apps as our go-to resource for almost everything.

Smartphones and tablets are typically used for entertainment reasons. As games maker Pocket Fruity puts it, “Whether you’re a hardcore gamer, a big money gambler or just like to kill some time every now and again, there are thousands of mobile games to choose from and the variety is endless nowadays.” However, apps are useful in everyday life, too, and can even help people save a lot of money instead of hiring professional help. In this article, let’s take a look at 3 of the best apps that can be very beneficial for BMX riders to download.

Bike Gear Calculator

The Bike Gear Calculator is a must for BMX riders who customize their own bikes. The app allows users to compare gear ratios in order to optimize their setup. Among the things that can be measured by the app are cadence, speed, pedal rotations, tire size, crank length, teeth on the chain, and a much more. Apart from helping cyclists make their bikes more powerful, the app can help in suggesting gears for a particular cycling event. The app is free for both iOS and Android users.

Bike Doctor

Not every cyclist knows how to undertake preventive maintenance or simple repairs to their bike. Repair manuals can sometimes be confusing but not the Bike Doctor App. It has very clear instructions that even beginners can understand, and pictures for easier comprehension. The Bike Doctor allows users to detect early signs of problems, repair simple issues such as squeaks and punctures, and how to check if the bike is safe to ride. The Bike Doctor app costs $5.99 for Apple users, and $2.99 for Google users.

St John Ambulance First Aid

The human body is more fragile than bikes and since BMX can be quite extreme, every cyclist should have this. The St. John Ambulance App provides users with the knowledge on how to do first aid treatments from a wide range of cycling-related injuries. It has step-by-step diagrams for better understanding, and quick response guides for when your injury is serious. The app is free for both iOS and Android users.



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