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Inside Aquest Shoelace Belts

I must admit it, right after I saw the new Matt Whyatt web edit he filmed for Aquest Shoelace Belts I started wondering, what is the whole story behind this new company, but I didn’t do any researches.
Now Matt, owner of the company, hit me up with an email, explaining why he started it and also sent over the little clip showing you how these new shoelace belts works. Red bellow what Matt has to say about it and follow them on their website and Facebook page for all the updates.
“Hi everyone,
just wanted to have a chat about my new company i just started (Aquest shoelace belts) I pretty much started this company for a hobby something to do when I\’m not riding and i was sick of trying to keep my regular shoelace tight they always come loose so i spent a few months mucking around with different ideas until i come up with this very simple idea that is very easy to do up and also undo at the end of your session.
I no some people are like why don\’t your wear a normal belt Ect, all i can say is a normal belt gets in the way digs in to your stomach when you ride, A shoelace is small and out of the way and half the price!
At the moment they come in black and white, I have lots of colours on order you can also keep and eye out in the near future for things such as iPhone covers and little accessories”



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