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Arturs Grikis Rest In Peace

This is not the latest news, but better late than never. Loosing a BMX friend always sucks. Rest in peace Arturs Grikis.

“On the first of July Arturs passed away from an injury after falling in a contest doing 360-doublebar over a spine! I give biggest commiseration to his family! Grikis was a rider to look after – always riding, laughing, helping others. A rider with a goal to get better everyday! It’s hard to see him pass away while remembering him out – growing my skill in months, and reaching a skill level that I will never reach! He went from a student to a mentor and didn’t find the success going to his head. As to that day Arturs always seemed to be unbreakable, after each fall he got back on his legs and continued riding! He was a huge loss to the bicycle community in Latvia! Rest in peace buddy!”– Renars Vilnis



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