The Bakery “Secret Recipe” Contest And Dan’s Comp “Roll Call” DVD Premiere

Looks like there is going to be some heavy stuff going on on November 23rd, 2013 at The Bakery. There will be an Invitational “Secret Recipe” contest happening and a premiere of the new Dan’s Comp “Roll Call” DVD. Red below for more informations.
“The Bakery and RPRT Management announced a partnership today to bring the coveted Bakery Invitational back in 2013 for its second year in a row. Thanks to support from Mueller Sports Medicine, Vans, Dan’s Comp and Cult Bikes, The Bakery “Secret Recipe” will feature 12 hand selected riders to come and tear up 3 sections of The Bakery and also compete in a bunny hop contest. The contest is closed to the public and riders will be announced all this week (3 a day) via The Bakery Instagram (@insidethebakery). Practice and the contest will be rolled out exclusively through with a series of web edits highlighting the best moments from practice, the 3 sections of the contest, the bunny hop contest and the final results. Riders will be sworn to secrecy until after the final edit drops. The day will be capped off with the premiere of the much anticipated Dan’s Comp video “Roll Call” and will be open to the public.”



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