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Barspin How To Video With Dan Conway

I know many of you shredders out there know how to pull a proper barspin, but there are still many who can not do it and want to learn it. Ride BMX recently caught up with Fit’s newest pro team rider, Dan Conway, to film this how to video. Dan explains how to throw handlebar around for 360 degrees and catch it before landing. You will pretty much get every single detail you need to know before learning barspin. Even if in today’s world this trick is considered as a basic trick, it still is not that easy to learn. But when you will learn it and when you will master it, you will be throwing barspins everywhere. Over massive transfers, big sets of stairs, in a trick and out of a combo. Barspin is a trick you can use all the time and even throwing it on a flatground out of a bunnyhop it is so much fun. You can also set yourself a challenge how many barspins you can pull in one minute. It is not an easy challenge, believe me.




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