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Brad Payne Bike Check

Check Brad Payne’s parts list after the jump.

Frame: we the people envy 2009 blue
Bar:we the people zodiac 2010 black
Forks:wtp 2010 trust forks matt black
Stem:salt+ 2012 black
Grips:odi long neck black
Headset:fsa orbit equipe black
Seat:2009 wtp justice black
Seat Post:wtp 2009 pivotal blue
Seat Clamp:salt 2009 from wtp arcade 2009 black
Cranks:salt 2009 from wtp arcade 2009 black
Bottom Bracket:salt 2009 from wtp arcade 2009 black
Pedals:eclat plastic black
Rims (Front / Rear):salt black/ alex custom chrome
Hubs (Front / Rear):salt 2009 from wtp arcade 2009 black/demolition anorexia hub black
Tires (Front / Rear):faf tan wall tyres
Spokes: salt/demolition
Chain:gt bump



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  1. bag of shit!

  2. joking LAD, its a bag of wank

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