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Brett Banasiewicz Benefit Jam By Asa Reed

I know two edits already dropped from Brett Banasiewicz’s Benefit Jam, that was hosted by The Come Up and DC Shoes on December 30th, 2012 at the Rye Airfield indoor skatepark, but here is one more. Asa Reed wasn’t riding at the jam, but was holding his camera in his hands all the time to capture all those crazy riding that went down at the street course, flat rail, vert and jump box course and trying not to miss a single thing. The jam, to raise funds for Brett Banasiewicz’s bills, was a huge success, tons of riders came and an enormous amount of crazy good tricks were pulled. I don’t know even where to start, so I will let you press that play button above and watch it for yourself. I am sure Brett Banasiewicz is really grateful to get such a big support from the community. Well, isn’t BMX one big family, where everyone supports each other?



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