Brett Banasiewicz Update

These are some good news on Brett Banasiewicz’s current situation. Read below what his mom has to say and than show some support and buy one of his Foundrasing T-shirts.
“Well, after the amazing news of Brett waking yesterday after 15 days of unconsciousness, I can tell you he remained awake and alert for over 6 hours yesterday, and has already been up for several hours today. Brett is unable to talk at this time and will not be allowed to attempt to talk until his throat heals which we are being told may take awhile, maybe even several months. His throat is obviously still sore when he swallows and from the suctioning they still continue to do to remove the mucous from the upper respiratory congestion he has been battling. His vocal cords are still extremely swollen so they will be focusing on getting that better under control now. We are waiting on the doctors to perform a swallow test, once Brett passes that they will completely remove the feeding tube and allow him to begin to start feeding himself, starting with a liquid diet. They are also looking at discontinuing the use of oxygen soon as well since Brett’s breathing is finally within the normal range. Brett was alert and followed commands not only of family but doctors and nurses, as well as checking out his surroundings. Throughout the day friends and family reassured Brett that he would be ok and back to his normal self soon enough, trying to keep him from worrying about why he was in the hospital. We are still trying to ensure that Brett rests as his brain swelling still needs time to heal. A good portion of the swelling has gone down but still about 50% to go, so we won’t be doing any heavy cognitive testing just yet, but all indications so far is that Brett is still Brett, personality and all. The doctors have told us that they are 100% certain he will recover 100%, returning back to his normal self. I don’t think I have ever had a neurosurgeon say that, especially this early, it brings much relief to family & friends. The family will soon begin plans to have Brett transferred to a Rehab hospital for athletes who have sustained head trauma to aid in his recovery. Please continue to keep Brett in your thoughts & prayers as he begins the healing process.”– Trish



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