Brett Banasiewicz Update

Read below an update on Brett Banasiewicz, written by his mom Trish.
“Sorry it is so late tonight but you can blame Brett for that! Brett slept very well again last night when the new night nurse wasn’t trying to come in and shine a light in his eyes. Errrr. Physical Therapy came in bright and early today to do an evaluation for an hour and he exhausted himself. He napped for a few hours before we got him up and into the chair to go for a nice long walk, including some outdoors time in the courtyard. We were gone for about 3 hours! We came back and it was time for another nap. When Brett woke up he was a bit grumpy, probably a bit upset with where he is but we got him to work through that and late this evening he decided to do some more core and head raising work at the side of the bed, along with a couple hours of focusing work, and he did soooo amazing! We watched the tribute video & his winning run video once again, and he is watching them intently now. After which was time for a bath & shampoo and now he is snoring. Hopefully he wakes up tomorrow to an early 18th birthday present since NORA Cup Awards are being announced tonight!!!! Good luck to all of the nominees! If ANY of you want to help Brett out even if it is only $10 please go and make a donation today. Brett’s medical bills are expected to reach in the hundreds of thousands and of course insurance will not be paying for everything to say the least. We are working on only having the best of care for Brett, but the best costs more, so please think about making your donation today! And as always please keep Brett & his family in your thoughts & prayers.”– Trish



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