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Bring Back Some Soul By Dimitri Shushuyev

I think I will let Dimitri Shushuyev speak about this web edit that he made.
“Sometimes unprecedented things happen that shake your world upside down in some way. However, we should all push forwards no matter the problems and troubles we face. The very idea behind the name of this video “BRING BACK SOME SOUL”, the choice of music was to bring back the positivity, the optimism inside of me and share it with others, because there is so much good in the world. Your closest friends are always there to support and filming BMX has helped me to regain what I thought I lost already.
I was filming with Eki. Then just got a few clips with Johannes and it went from there. I’ve seen Johannes around for quite some time, but we never filmed together. It was only this past year when I got out to filming street with Eki that Johannes came along as well. Didn’t quite know what to expect from him, but sometimes meeting new people is great and this was the case.
Johannes has been progressing quite a bit over the years and this was the first big part that we filmed with him. Most of the tricks in this video he has pulled first time in his life on street. He set the goals as to what he would like to do in the video and we got it.
The last trick in the video was filmed quite late. The temperature has gone down and Johannes wasn’t feeling going out to film. I told him that without this trick the video would be sort of unfinished and it had to be a last banger trick. Of course Johannes has changed his mind and we went down to film it. We spent an hour and a half for the shop to close down, because the security guard was always checking as to what we were up to. It didn’t take Johannes that many tries, two tries to be precise, to land it.
If I would define Johannes’ riding, then I would say tech street riding would probably fit best.
There is nothing more enjoyable than spending time with homies… just the little things like sitting on the curbs, see everybody ride, getting clips, chills are what makes it so good.”



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