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Brock Olive Off Colony

Brock Olive decided to move on and left Colony. This is a good bye edit, filmed and edited by Cooper Brownlee, featuring some really amazing street riding, mostly grinding. Brock has an amazing style, tons of skills and tech variations and I am sure we will be seeing him on another team soon.

“Brock Olive has been riding for Colony for a couple of years now and I have had the pleasure of hanging out, riding, filming and going on trips with him over those years. Watching him progress into the unbelievable rider he is today has been awesome. I am sad to see him go but Brock made his decision and I can live with that. We are family even without your name on the team page bro”– Cooper Brownlee.

“Even though you have decided to move on, as Cooper said above, all is good & I wish you all the best in what ever comes your way ahead in life. Thanks for everything mate. This below is Brock’s good bye edit as such & we thank him for all the good times we’ve had.”– Clint Millar



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