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Mellon BMX Moved To Facebook Only

mellon bmx
Hey lovely shredders, I have a good and a bad news for all you. Since I am currently really busy with my small leather handcrafted business Mellon Kreft, I will not be able to post content on Mellon BMX. Well, this was the bad news, now here comes the good news.
Even if I will not be posting stuff up here, that does not mean I will quit supporting BMX. False. You can still send me emails, videos and all the news you have and would like to share it with me. Just because there is a good chance it will end up on Facebook. Yes, Mellon BMX Facebook page will still be live entertaining you with news from around the globe.
That is all. Boom!

Juanje Trujillo “One-Handed BMX Rider” Welcome To FisureBMX

I don’t know who is more excited right now, me watching this amazing new edit from Juanje Trujillo, or guys over at FisureBMX. Probably both the same. I really can not say how much I enjoyed watching this dude shred. Juanje is the newest member of the FisureBMX team and what’s incredible he has only one hand and he shreds. Not only shreds, he kills it. Juanje Trujillo has a modified handlebar that allows him to ride on walls, grinds, pulling 180s and many more goodness.
Stop winning about riding BMX bikes and how you can not do it and stuff. Enjoy and have fun with it no matter what. Everyone can do it and Juanje Trujillo is an amazing example.
Just hit play right now and enjoy watching this dude riding and pulling awesome stuff.
Filmed and edited by Yoni Cadenas.

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Fiend BMX’s New Video “Fiending” Is Not Human

I really do not know where to start. This new thirteen minutes long video from the Fiend BMX crew called “Fiending” is seriously insane and in my opinion not human. 13 minutes of pretty much all street riding that will blow you away, that will make your jaws drop and that will simply make you go “WOW.” Not only this is an insane stree video featuring full parts from JJ Palmere, Garrett Reynolds and Ty Morrow, it also welcomes Fiend BMX’s new pro rider Colin Varanyak. It is hard to describe who’s section is the best, but since this is the official Colin introduction I will go with Colin Varanyak. Don’t get me wrong, all parts are incredibly good, but hey, Colin is the new addition to the team so he needs extra shine.
Filmed at spots around California, Texas, Barcelona, Mexico and Philadelphia, video made by Tony Ennis.

The new Fiend BMX video is Fiendingly Not Human!

You know what I will do now? I will hit the play button for one more time and try not to blink, not even for a second. This just is too good to be true – But It Is True!
Ladies and gentleman, enjoy the madness and be amazed by the Fiend BMX crew.
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2014 Summer Session June 6 & 7 At Nova Gorica, Slovenia

summer session

If you live anywhere near Nova Gorica, Slovenia, then you need to mark your calendars for the next weekend. Why’s that? Because you want to be there, either you are a rider or a mega BMX fan. It is 2014 Summer Session that is happening on June 6 & 7. Nova Gorica got a fresh news concrete skatepark and this is the first official BMX contest that is happening over there. Hopefully we see you in gazillion numbers, because you know Summer Session is going to be mad!

For all the informations and updates follow the official website and it’s Facebook event page.

By the way, BMX riders know how to party.

Get ready, cause 2014 Summer Session is going to be mad!

Mike Clark Aka Hucker Welcome To ODI Grips Edit

Mike Clark aka Hucker joined the ODI Grips squad and this is his official video introduction, which is a must watch. Mike is an all around shredder, he can kill trails and he can kill skateparks. He is always having so much fun riding his bike and always puts out such good vibes. From shredding the famous Sheep Hill trails to bombing Herada skatepark and more. Try not miss this one because if you do, you will do crime. The one and only Mike Hucker is solid and he is capable of pretty much everything he wants. Dude shreds super hard so press play button above and enjoy watching Hucker in action.

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Pat Casey Sessions His Amazing Backyard Ramp Setup


It is no secret that Pat Casey is one insane rider and it is always a treat seeing new stuff dropping on the world wide web from him. This fresh new web edit he filmed with Brandon Means over the past six months is insanely good. Pat Casey is one of those riders who can do pretty much whatever they want. Casey is no stranger to riding brakeless also and I think it suits him perfectly. But at the same time I still enjoy watching the “old” Pat shredding with rear brake. From super techincal stuff to some insane air moves. This new edit he filmed for his sponsor Haro BMX is something you must not miss in your life.
He is pulling tricks everyone can only dream about. And what is even better, he is pulling everything so clean and so smooth. He really makes all the trick combos look easy, but we all know they are now easy. Three minutes of madness from Pat Casey, go!
Oh, and Pat shreds his signature Lineage frame from Haro BMX in site 20.75″ TT. And if we are already talking about his bike, the almost all chrome look is looking crazy good.
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Matt Priest Going With Style Around California

If you like Californication television series, then you will sure like some BMX style Californication featuring English styler Matt Priest. Source BMX and Verde teamed up and send Matt West Side to escape the bad English weather. If your country sucks and you have bad weather all the time, took a trip to California, there is a really good chance you will have sun all the time. Watch Matt Priest above as he shreds concrete skateparks, pools, trails and ditches and makes everything look so gorgeous. It is always a treat watching Priest ride and this one is no different. I really wish this was a little bit longer. These four and a half minutes pass by like seconds. After a made this post go live I will definitely give it another watch. Maybe I blinked and missed something, who knows. Enjoy.
Filmed and edited by Johnny Elia.
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Dennis Enarson Demolition “Rig” Line Promotional Edit

Originally Dennis Enarson went out with good friend Christian Rigal to film a little promo for his signature “Rig” Line from Demolition and this is what he came back with. If you ask me, this is no quick little promotional edit, this is some serious stuff. I have no idea how you can go on a quest to film a couple clips and you end up filming for six minutes of bangers? Oh, I know how, if your name is Dennis Enarson everything is possible. This guy is simply unreal and has so much skills. He can shred streets, parks and trails, oh, and he is pretty good when it comes to skateboarding. Do you need to know anything else? The only think I will say more is that there are one gazillion bangers in here. Hit play and enjoy.
Filmed and edited by Christian Rigal.
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Bob Manchester Winter 2014 Edit For Crucial BMX

Crucial BMX is stoked to present you the Winter 2013/2014 web video featuring their rider Bob Manchester going with some serious style. It is not only style that is making this edit so good, but also all the insane moves Bob did, especially that last frontflip. So high and so stylish. Now hit the play button and see it for yourself.
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Ryan Nyquist Back In Greenville, North Carolina

After two years, the one and only, the barspin master, Ryan Nyquist, made a trip back to Greenville, North Carolina to destroy everything. He hit up The Unit, Jaycee skatepark and Daniel Dhers Action Sports Compound with Dan Foley and this is what happened. Ryan Nyquist never disappoints, his riding is incredible and always amazes me. He is not the youngest gun anymore, but he is killing it so freaking hard on a BMX bike. There are so many combos in his riding style and I really do not know how the hell can he make look everything so easy. Well if your name is Ryan Nyquist it looks like everything is possible. Just hit play now.
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