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Simone Barraco Bike Check

You know what you will do now? You will go to The Shadow Conspiracy web site and you will check the bike Simone Barraco was riding during their Woodward Week. Why this is that important? Because you will see prototype products you won’t see anywhere else.

Drew Bezanson Bike Check

Make your way over to The Shadow Conspiracy web site to check out what Drew Bezanson is currently riding. He built himself up a fresh new white DK team setup along with pretty much Shadow parts only.

Greg Flag Video Bike Check

Greg Flag drank a few cold ones and sat down on the couch to run you through his current Macneil Borato V3 bike. This is not your average video bike check, but it still has plenty of great riding clips in it, filmed around the spots of Vancouver, BC area.
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Morgan Wade Video Bike Check

Morgan Wade does not cut his bars and he is not doing any other changes to his bike, he rides his bike straight out of the box. I really like that one unique piece on his bike. Along with Morgan running you through his setup, there are also a few action clips in here. Seen on Alli Sports.
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Sebastian Anton Interview And Bike Check

There is a quick interview up on the Eclat web site with one of their newest riders from Germany, through Traffic distribution, Sebastian Anton. Sebi is an up and coming name in the BMX scene, young ripper who is a proud member of the Eclat team. There are also some photos of the bike up on the site, that you might be interested in checking in.

Alex Magallan Bike Check

Make your way over to the Sunday Bikes and check out what their rider Alex Magallan is riding at the moment and read an interview about his setup, riding a gyro, riding brakeless, the Springfield brakes and much more.

Liam Zingbergs Bike Check

BSD’S newest addition to the team, Liam Zingbergs, has a bike check up on their web site, where he is showing the world his current Beverage setup in 20.65.” The only thing he did to this bike is cutting his Giraffic bars to 28,” all the rest is out of the box.

Troy Blair Bike Check

Troy Blair and the “Blair Whip Project.” Troy recently built himself up a brand new VH3 setup in trans grey colorway and mixed it with other Fit, Animal and Profile parts. He is also running the all new Wizard sleeves that should be out next week.

Mike Saavedra Bike Check

After quite some time Mike Saavedra built himself a fresh new whip in chrome and you can now check it up on the Profile Racing site. Bike looks awesome and smooth, just like Mike’s riding is.

Derek Dorame Bike Check

Here is a two photo-flip-book, where one photo is showing Derek Dorame’s S&M ATF whip and the other Derek nailing down a tuck no-hander. A sweet looking black machine Derek has.