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Kert Petersel Bike Check

There is not much of a bike check up on the above photos, but it is all about the babe. Bone Deth’s Kert Petersel and his black machine. Chicks like the Vibrator seat, it is obvious.

Chris Childs Bike Check

Another bike check for all you shredders out there, this time from Sunday Bikes’ Chris Childs. His black Soundwave setup looks really amazing and if you want to find out what parts he is riding, visit Sunday site.

Pat King Bike Check

A new bike check from one of Fit riders, Pat King. Pat built himself up a fresh new Ben Lewis setup and mix it with mostly Fit parts. Check his bike in the flipbook above, get parts list and also a couple riding sots.

Franta Marsalek Video Bike Check

Wethepeople rider through TBB Bike in Czech Republic, Franta Marsalek, runs you through his current Scorpio setup and lays down tons of good moves at two different skateparks and trails. Lucky you if you understand what he is saying, but for all you (us) who don’t, wait till the riding starts.
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Jake Petruchik Video Bike Check

This new Jake Petruchik’s video bike check he filmed with Dan Coller for his sponsor Fit is an absolute must watch. Get a closet look at Jake’s Marv’s signature Duke Of Wellington setup along with tons of really solid street moves. Last double peg to hop over nose manual on a kinked rail/ledge setup is the best.
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Total BMX – Alex Coleborn Video Bike Check

Total BMX representer Alex Coleborn runs you through his 2013 hangover setup, that includes four Total prototypes, stem, cranks, seat and the 7075t pegs. All this and a few wild moves from Alex at the Adrenaline Alley indoor skatepark. Shot and cut by Chris Wilmshurst.
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Hoang Tran Bike Check

Odyssey threw together photos and parts list of Hoang Trans current Subrosa Villicus Prime setup in size 20.5″, that is build up using mostly Odyssey parts. There is also one nice turndown down the stairs photo in there as you can see above.
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Ben Lewis Bike Check

Fit dropped this flipbook to show you what their English connection, Ben Lewis, is currently riding. Dialed looking signature Fit Benny setup, built using his signature Fit Benny stem and bars along with other Fit and Animal Bikes parts. Looking sweet.
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Kriss Kyle Bike Check

Kriss Kyle built himself up a really dialed looking BSD Trailorpark setup, that you can now check up on the BSD web site along with the parts list and more closeup shots.

Arnaud Wolff Video Bike Check

A proper video bike check with Proper rider Arnaud Wolff, filmed by Mathieu Roubaud and edited by Arnaud himself. There is a good amount of awesome and unique park clips from Wolff in here along with a quick look at his current whip. To find out what parts this boy is riding head over to the comment section.
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