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Mike Fiz Bike Check

United dropped a sweet bike check with one of their world team rider, Mike Fiz, showing you his dialed looking Dinero setup.

Mike Meister Bike Check

Make your way over to the Profile Racing web site to check out what setup is Mike Meister currently riding. Too bad they also didn’t post all the rest of the parts, but if you wanna see his Profile parts, hit it quick.

Chad Degroot Bike Check

Another bike check for you guys, this time from Profile Racing rider Chad Degroot. Find more photos and the parts list over on the Profile site and also get a few action shots from Chad.

Nigel Sylvester Bike Check

Make your way over to the Animal Bikes web site to check out Nigel Sylvester’s current Brooklyn Machine Works setup. Take a better looks at the prototype frame and prototype seat Nigel is currently testing out.

Alex Raban Bike Check And Interview

There is a bike check and a short interview up on Volume Bikes made with Alex Raban. Head over there to see what this guy is currently riding and find out what is his favorite part on his bike, favorite pizza pie to make and more.

Chase Dehart – Riding + Bike Check

Chase Dehart: Riding + Bike Check – More BMX Videos

One of the smoothest riders in the game of BMX, Chase Dehart, runs you through his current personal setup and does some shredding at the skatepark. How cool is it to be able to ride Ralph Sinisi’s wheel? Very cool.
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Jordan Hango Bike Check

A flipbook Fit threw together to show you guys what Jordan Hango’s current bike is all about. Jordan is busy filming clips for Fit’s DVD and for a few upcoming edits, which I am really looking forward to see.

Justin Spriet Bike Check

The kid that can ride everything and can kill every single spot he hits, Justin Spriet, has a bike check above, in the flipbook Fit put together, showing you his current Benny whip.

Spencer Bass Video Bike Check

Spencer Bass is here for you running you through his current bike setup and nailing down a couple sweet moves for a good measure. Hit play and see his dialed Hyper machine.
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Polly Bike Check

One of Colony’s team riders, Polly, recently built himself up a fresh new custom Sweet Tooth frame. Make your way over to their site and check it out, it looks dialed to me.