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Chris Childs Bike Check

Here is another bike check for you people, this time from Sunday Bikes’ Chris Childs, showing your his personal setup, the red Soundwave whip.

Matt Roe Bike Check

The styler, Matt Roe, has a bike check up the Fly Bikes web site where you can get a closer look at his setup, check what parts he is riding and also get informations what clothes he was wearing the day the shooting happened.

Ricky Moseley Bike Check

Make your way over to the Profile Racing web site and check out what machine Ricky Moseley is riding. It is a white Dirt Bro’s Throwback frame, but if you wan’t to know more, hit the site.

Joel Barnett Bike Check

Fit threw together a few photos of Joel Barnett’s current whip, along with some action shots and of course the parts list for you guys to get a closer look at his VH3 setup.

Tom Sanders Bike Check

Tim Sanders picked up a few new United goods and built himself up a fresh new rig, which you can now check up on their web site, along with the parts list and read a quick interview they made with Tom about his bike and some other stuff.

Pete Sawyer Bike Check

Pete Sawyer has a bike check up on the Wethepeople web site showing you his signature Sterling setup mixed with Eclat and Merritt parts. Oh, and Pete also did the paint job all by himself.

Ralphy Ramos Bike Check

Ralphy Ramos has a bike check up on Animal Bikes web site where you can check out more photos and the parts list and make sure you get a better look at the prototype sprocket and seat Ralphy is currently testing.

Kriss Kyle Bike Check

Kriss Kyle just built himself up a new BSD Passanger setup, that you can now check over on the BSD site along with the parts list and a few words from Kriss about the bike and frame and what changes he made to his new signature frame.

Derek Dorame Bike Check

One more bike check for you guys. This time fro S&M Bikes rider Derek Dorame showing you his white Hucker setup. Find more above and one beasty barspin gap.

Tom Dugan Bike Check

Above you can check out a few photos of Tom Dugan’s current Fit TD350 setup, a few action shots and parts list. No you know what makes Tom go so ridiculously high.
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