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Matt Nordstrom On Odyssey And Bike Check

Matt Nordstrom is a really young gun, who progresses so fast and is already killing it really hard on a bike. Odyssey is stoked to announce the news that he is now part of the squad. Above you will see a flipbook where you are able to check Matt’s current ride and if you don’t know who Matt is, please watch his edit below. He will blow you away, I guarantee you.

Cooper Brownlee Bike Check

The guy of many talents, Cooper Brownlee, has a bike check up on the Colony web site, where you can check out his current 2014 Colony Teddy setup.

Travis Cordova Bike Check

Fit threw together photos of Travis Cordova and his bike in the slideshow above to show you his current Benny L setup, build up using mostly Fit parts and to show you what extreme heat treatment means.

Dan Paley Bike Check

There is a bike check up on the BSD web site made with Dan Paley, so head over there, check out all the closeup shots, parts list and a few words about the setup from Dan himself.

Borya Gavrilenko Video Bike Check

I know, I know, we are missing English subtitles, but still, this video bike check Big Toys dropped with Borya Gavrilenko is not all about words, but you will get a close look at Borya’s Volume Bikes X Demolition setup and also a few sweet street moves. Check it.

Max Terrasson Bike Check

It was yesterday when we posted Max Terrasson’s summer 2013 web edit, filmed at the Grammont skatepark in Montpellier, France and it is today that we are posting about his bike, that you can now check it out up on Volume Bikes. Dialed.

Alex Kennedy Bike Check

Head over to the Cult web site to check out what Alex Kennedy’s current bike is all about. There are a few products on his bike that are not available yet, but should be out later this month.

Ben Lewis Bike Check

Ben Lewis and Shawn McIntosh are both currently in Greece and it was Shawn’s bike check we saw yesterday and now it is time for Ben Lewis’ dialed looking street machine. Flip through the flipbook above and check out what parts one of UK’s finest Fit street riders run.
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Kyle Davenport Bike Check

Mutiny has all the closeup photos of Kyle Davenport’s current Doom Wizard up on their web site, so if you want to get a closer look at the bike, head over there. And if we are already talking about Kyle, do watch his most recent, crazy good web edit below.

Jacob Cable – Riding And Bike Check

Jacob Cable – Riding + Bike Check – More BMX Videos

Kink’s own Jacob Cable, who is only 15, runs your through his current Kink Issue 3 setup and does some amazing and smooth street riding for a good measure. This kid is really incredible, especially when he takes it to the front wheel. First one footed nose wheelie was mind blowing.
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