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Kris Fox Bike Check

Kris Fox bike check

Move your ass over to the Demolition web site to check out what Kris Fox is currently riding and to read a quick interview they made with him about the summer, his signature SE frame, his bike in general and more.

Angie Marino’s Video Bike Check

Angie Marino hit some concrete and filmed this cool little video bike check for Fit and for you, to check out her dialed looking Mac machine. Angie pulled a lot of grinding in here and she nailed down a feeble grind on a rail (which happened by accident, I assume).
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Alex Donnachie Bike Check

Alex Donnachie’s bike check

Make your way over to the BSD web site to check what Alex Donnachie is currently riding. Instead of a raw frame he went with red, added some colors to the wheels and upgraded his front end with Giraffic bars.

Mariano Santiago Bike Check

Mariano Santiago is The Shadow Conspiracy’s newest team member and after dropping his ridiculously good welcome to the team edit, you can now find a bike check up on their web site, photos (shot by Hoang Tran) and of course parts list.

Christian Rigal Bike Check

Christian Rigal built himself a fresh new whip, that consists of his signature United frame and bars and other Demolition parts. Make your way over to their web site to check out his dialed whip, parts list and one photo sequence shot by Chris Martinez.

Garrett Reynolds Video Bike Check

Garrett Reynolds Bike Check – More BMX Videos

You have seen the mint Fiend from Garrett Reynolds at the 2013 X Games Los Angeles street competition right? Now lets all together get to the details, to check what are the parts he is currently riding. You can find Fiend stuff, Primo samples, Cult and also Duo. Oh, along with the check, you will get riding clips also (which I am sure, you pretty much saw them all).
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Cory Foust Bike Check

Cory Foust recently built himself up a fresh new Sunday Bikes Soundwave in grey with Broadcaster bars and Octave forks. Check flicks of the bike above and then make your way over to Sudnay to go through the parts list.

Grant Germain Bike Check

Odyssey threw together photos of Grant Germain’s current ride. All the photos, of the bike and of Grant were shot by Walter Pieringer (riding photos by Jon Nemeck). Dialed looking bike.

Mark Burnett Bike Check

Mark Burnett was one of the riders who spent a week at Woodward West with The Shadow Conspiracy and during the time spent over there, shredding the ramps and having fun they also shot photos to get a fresh new bike check done for the site. Now head over to their site and check what Mark is currently riding.

Teplyakov Max Video Bike Check

I don not know if we can really consider this one as a video bike check, it starts with clips from movies and it is followed with some dope street riding from a guy named Teplyakov Max. That last gap attempt looks really scary, too bad he didn’t pull it. Maybe in the next video?
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