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How To Downside Grinds With Van Homan

If you don’t know how to get into a downside (topside) double peg on a quarter pipe, Van Homan will give you pretty much all the tips you need before you start learning it. Van says, that it is not that hard to bail out even if it looks a bit scarier of a trick, but still, remember, wear your safety gear.
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Colony Freecoaster – How To Adjust The Slack

Guys over at Colony put together this video to show and help the world how to adjust the slack in their freecoaster hub. If you are 100% sure what you are doing, watch this first before you do something stupid.

How To Tire Slides With Ashley Charles

Tire slide is one fun trick, especially when it comes to cruising around the skatepark and having some fun. Ashley Charles is here for you to tech you how to do a proper one on a quarter pipe. Now go out and learn them.
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How To Hand Plant With Ryan Taylor

Some more learning for today. This how to is all about Ryan Taylor teaching your how hand plant at the Creation skatepark, filmed and edited by Leo Baron. Ryan also shows you how fun this trick can be on vert walls and show you a barspin variation.
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How To Decade With Nick Yanetta

Decades are getting really popular these days and if you wanna learn how to pull this trick, George Sarkes and Nick Yanetta teamed up to film a how to. There are some very useful tips in here and I am definitely trying this one on the next session.
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How To 360 One Footed Euro With Brandon Dosch

If you want to step up your stylish 360s, Brandon Dosch is here for all you guys out there to teach you how to get 360 one footed euros done. Don’t kick your foot like a kooky karate kid, get comfy and go with style.
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How To Icepik Grind With Justin Friedl

George Sarkes sent over this video how to, featuring Justin Friedl teaching you how to get a proper icepick done. Have problems with this grind? No problem, watch this how to and you will definitely get some good tips.
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How To Disaster 180’s With Pat “Big Daddy” Laughlin

Pat Laughlin, or better know Big Daddy will teach you how to pull 180 disaster’s. This is a very basic trick, but at a same time very fun trick and you can pull it just everywhere. Remember, give the juice to it.
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Getting Awesome – How To One Handed X-Up With Ryan Nyquist And Ronnie Napolitan

In this next episode of Getting Awesome, Ryan Nyquist met up with Ronnie Napolitan at the skatepark to teach how one handed x-ups are done. When you will master this trick, you can do it pretty much everyone and add stuff into it and out of it.
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How To Tailwhip With Ricardo Laguna

Ricardo Laguna is here for you to show you one of his most simplest tricks, tailwhip. Not only he will show you how he is pulling it, he will also give you some advices to get it done a little quicker.